6 Best Soft Dry Cat Food – Guide 2020

Soft Dry Cat Foods Review 2020

Of course, we all love our senior cats, but it can be a real tough job to feed them because they have trouble biting kibble, and they are not able to eat like before. For a moment, let’s just keep the dry food battles behind us and try fulfilling the dietary and nutritious needs of your car with a semi-moist, soft, dry cat food instead.

There are some soft dry cat food options from some brands, you can let your cat try them until you settle on one your cat likes, or you can take a look at our reviews.

We know that it is difficult to get your hands on the best cat food that is easy and tasty for your cat to eat, and that is where our reviews come in hand. As mentioned above, senior cats have trouble chewing food because they no longer have strong teeth or no teeth at all. It is the review on Soft Dry Cat Foods that will help you how to care for your cats when they have no teeth.

So, it is necessary to find the type of cat food that is not only soft but easy to digest for senior cats. You can’t starve your car just because it doesn’t have teeth, food is essential for it.

Furthermore, let’s talk basics. Soft dry food for a cat is exactly what it means. It is known to be a dry kibble food that offers softer and easily chewable bites that your cat can enjoy without any trouble. Soft dry cat foods are popular among owners with senior cats or the kind of cats who have fewer teeth and are not able to chew hard kibble bites.

These days, soft dry kibble is getting really famous among car parents, and there are plenty of types and brands to choose from. They contain more moisture than in traditional kibble, but they are not gravy-ish like wet cat food.

Soft dry foods are a great combination of dry and wet cat food because they are soft and easy to chew. Other than that, there are some tasty flavors of soft dry foods for cats, as well.

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Here, we will review the top six best soft dry foods suitable particularly for cats with no or fewer teeth. Our reviewed products are based on the description, pros and cons, and the final verdict. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

6 Best Soft Dry Cat Food For Cats With No Teeth – Review Guide 2020

The following are the top six softy dry foods for cats with no teeth.

1- Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free – Best Soft Dry Cat Food for older cats

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Cat Food


This cat food is a combination of dry and soft LifeSource Bits that contain a certain level of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to promote the immune system and provide support to the joints. The buffalo wilderness softy dry cat food is available in five different sizes and in two unique protein sources that give you the privilege to buy a smaller bag to see whether your cat enjoys it or not. This is a useful way of advertisement as well. It is the Best Soft Dry Cat Food For Cats With No Teeth of 2020.

In addition to that, this cat food offers natural and quality protein mentioned as the first ingredient by verified and trusted sources. Other than that, it contains blends of six fatty acids and omega-three that make sure your cat maintains her soft and shiny coat, a balanced digestive system, and healthy skin.

With this soft dry food, your cat will be able to enjoy nutritious food created with the best quality products that do not include soy, poultry, by-product ingredients, wheat, or corn. This food provides sufficient energy and strength to your car’s muscles and takes care of a lot of other things, including heart health, weight, eye health, and the digestive system. It is also the best for small kibble cat food.

All the senior cat owners who purchased the Blue Buffalo’s food were satisfied that it included LifeSource bits that were easier and softer for their cats to chew. On the other hand, once you open the pack of food, the foods tend to get hard quickly. So, make sure to seal the pack tightly with a stapler every time you use it.

  • Filled with easily chewable LifeSource Bits
  • Contains real protein as a first ingredient
  • Contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to maintain the immune system and take care of the joints
  • The food gets hard after you open the pack
  • Has a strong smell

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, this soft dry food for cats with no teeth is a reliable purchase for the senior cats because it contains a lot of healthy nutrients that help to maintain a cat’s posture and internal organs.

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2- Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food – Best Adult Soft Dry Cat Food 2020

Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food


All of Purina One Tender Selects blends to offer an elite mix of crunchy and tender bits, meaty bites that are easier for senior cats to chew. You have the option to choose from a salmon or a chicken formula, and the protein is titled as the first ingredient on the bag’s label.

With this cat food, your cat will receive a formula that provides support to her coat, moisturizes the skin, maintains the immune system, strengthens the muscles, and gives a boost to the heart. In addition to this, it includes an antioxidant-filled blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that increase your cat’s joints and other parts. It is the best Soft dry food for adult cats. Buy it and make the cat healthy.

Other than that, chicken or salmon is the main ingredients, this food is a blend of vegetable and fruit accents and nourishing grains to create a perfectly balanced and healthy diet. What’s more, the food doesn’t contain any artificial or preservative flavorings, and this is one of the major reasons why this cat food is much easier to digest.

Many cat parents who purchased this cat food came to know that it contains a variety of meaty morsels in every bag, and each is soft and yummy. However, some cat parents said that this cat food changed their source of meat to a blend, and this can be a bit disturbing for some cats.

  • Contains different meaty morsels in every bag
  • Is available in two unique flavors
  • Contains wholesome grains, vegetables, and fruits
  • Transformed into a combination of meat
  • Can turn out to be too bland for some senior cats
  • It can lead to weight gain

Final Verdict

The Purina One Tender Selects cat food is perfect in the sense that it contains several minerals, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, and wholesome grains that provide many benefits to senior cats. It is a yummy meal for senior cats, and it has the tendency to nourish a cat’s coat and maintain his/her strength as he/she grows.

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3- Sheba Perfect Portions Pate Wet Cat Food Trays – Best Soft Wet Foods For Cats 2020

Sheba Perfect PORTIONS Wet Cat Food


The Sheba Perfect Portions Pate Wet Cat food contains two individual meals in one package, and it is a very convenient method of providing your cat with a meal that is ideal for them. If your cat needs wet food that is the most suitable diet for cats with no teeth then this pate wet cat food trays are the best diet for your cats and kittens too.

It is formulated with wheat, soy, and corn to avoid some allergens, and it has no artificial preservatives or flavors. Other than this, real meat is the number one ingredient on the label. With this cat food, your cat will no longer leave a messy bowl afterward.

  • Made with real meat
  • Contains two meals in one packaging
  • Offers minerals and vitamins for all cat stages
  • It is not suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs

Final Verdict

It is a reliable cat food combination for cats that have no or fewer teeth. It offers two meals in one packaging, which makes it even more ideal for senior cats.

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4- Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food – Best Soft Dry Foods For Cats/Kittens 2020

Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food


The Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat food is available in four amazing flavors such as chicken and tuna, chicken and salmon, whitefish and tuna, and salmon and turkey. It has a crunchy outside, and a meaty tender inside that is perfect for cats who are not able to chew solid food. If you are the owner of kittens that need to be special care while their growth, try this dry cat food for them.

Your cat will be able to enjoy the sweet combination of two consistencies in this food, and they receive key nutrients every time they eat it, which will help to keep them as healthy as possible. It is the best Soft Dry Food for Kittens of 2020.

In addition to this, it is packed with a variety of minerals and vitamins that support your cat’s internal organs, skin, joints, immune system, heart, and the coat.

  • Is available in two textures
  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Supports immune health and heart health
  • A bit crumbly
  • The food might not say fresh after it’s been opened

Final Verdict

Consumers who have tried Meow Mix’s formula for their adult cats love the fact that it came with a crunchy outside wrapped around a tender and soft layer. Moreover, its various flavor choice can easily fell our cat in love with this soft dry cat food.

5- Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – Best Soft Dry Cat Food For Senior Cats 2020 Under Budget

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food Chicken Recipe


You can buy this senior cat food in five unique formulas, eight different sizes, and two different recipes. It is particularly formulated for cats who have no or fewer teeth and promote their heart health, eye functioning, joint support, and kidney function. For senior cats, it is the best soft dry food that has no teeth of 2020. It Provides your mature cat with optimal levels of nutrients for eye, heart, kidney & joint health that is the most important for your cat’s growth.

You will receive an elite antioxidant blend that is filled with Vitamin E to make sure that the immune system of your cat stays strong and active with age. In addition to this, it contains zero artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors in any formula, and that makes it a healthier choice for your cat as it is easy to digest.

  • Comes in triangular pieces that are perfectly shaped
  • Supports heart, immune system, and joints
  • Available in amazing formulas and recipes
  • The kibble size is different in every bite
  • Can cause digestive issues for some cats
  • Has a greasy residue

Final Verdict

Those who have senior cats really liked this food because it comes in triangular kibble bites that are easy for senior cats to chew on. However, it can cause some digestive problems in sensitive senior cats.

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6- Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Adult Dry Cat Food with Probiotics – Best Adult soft Dry Cat Food With Probiotics 2020

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Adult Dry Cat Food With Probiotics


The Purina’s Savor adult cat food comes in four unique combinations of flavors, and this includes a wet and dry food bundle so that you can mix them all together. With the seven options of sizes, you can be able to buy a smaller bag to check whether your cat likes it or not. It is the top-rated pouch soft cat food in 2020.

In addition to this, the food is a blend of probiotics, and each of these probiotics enhances your cat’s digestive tracts every time they eat it. Real protein source is the first ingredient mentioned on the label, and it is combined with a variety of wonderful flavors from vegetables, grains, and fruits.

  • A combination of meaty bits and kibble
  • Available in different flavors
  • Filled with probiotics for a digestive tract
  • Does not contain enough fatty acids
  • Can lead to obesity in some cats

Final Verdict

Cat owners who purchased this cat food were really happy that it contains soft meaty pieces combined with kibble. On the other hand, it does not contain the most sufficient amount of fatty acids needed to maintain a cat’s coat.


The best pick when it comes to soft and dry cat food is the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Dry cat food. It contains soft LifeSource bits that are filled with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that provide support to your cat’s overall health.

The other softy and dry cat foods reviewed in this content can also turn out to be suitable for your senior cats. So, make sure to buy a smaller bag first to check if your cat likes it or not, then make a move based on the results.

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