Senior Cat Food for Weight Gain

8 Best Senior Cat Food for Weight Gain

A high calorie cat food is not only required for maintaining the good health of senior cats but it also helps her in maintaining optimum weight and muscle mass.

A senior cat faces lots of health issues that pose her for weight loss. She may have a sensitive stomach, teeth problem, problems indigestion or a fussy senior cat just rejects all sorts of food and becomes malnourished. So it becomes extremely important to bring back your senior cat on food to meet all her nutritional demands.

Selecting the best cat food for older cats to gain weight is a bit tricky thing, as you have to be highly conscious about the number of calories you are feeding her per day. Overly increased calories may cause obesity. We need to pick up the cat food that is rich in good quality protein and fats while does not contain unimportant carbs and fillers. Keeping the nutritional requirements of an adult cat, we have reviewed the best senior cat food for weight gain. So click the one that is suitable for your senior feline.

8 Review of the Best Senior Cat Food for Weight Gain 2024

1. Wellness CORE Pate Wet Cat Food | Best Overall | Natural Wet Cat Food for Weight Gain

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  • Item Weight      2.3 pounds
  • Item Form         Wet
  • Flavor                 Chicken, Turkey, and Chicken Liver
  • Crude Proteins             12%
  • Crude Fat                      7%
  • Maximum Moisture       78%
  • Age Range Description    Adult

Wellness Core is a potent source of protein pate wet cat food. This food is specifically manufactured for senior cats who are at risk of weight loss. Integrated with lean meat, this high-calorie senior cat food has sufficient nutrients that will work to develop lean muscle mass, healthy skin, lustrous fur, strong teeth, strong immunity, and powerful vision.

Wellness Core is ideally tailored from all the natural ingredients carefully picked up by the nutritionist, and vets for your cat. This is 100% free from grain and is made while blending cranberries, fortified vitamins, and minerals. So if your adult cat is losing weight while combating digestive as well as urinary problems, Wellness Core is the best cat food of delectable taste that your senior cat won’t resist.

What we Like
  • Potent source of protein for healthy muscles
  • Good cat food for urinary health
  • Easy in digestion
  • Provides hydration to your cat
  • Good wet cat food for skin and fur
  • Taurine for powerful eyesight
  • Boosts senior cat’s immunity against infections
  • Grain-free
  • Free from artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, and carrageenan
What we Don’t Like
  • It is free from preservatives, so it may spoil quickly
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2. ZIWI Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Canned Food | high-calorie cat food for weight gain

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  • Item Weight      13.92 pounds
  • Item Form         Dry
  • Flavor                 Mackerel and Lamb
  • Crude Proteins             43%
  • Crude Fat                      25%
  • Maximum Moisture       14%
  • Age Range Description    All life stages

As the name shows, Ziwi features an air-drying process that preserves the nutritional values of all the natural ingredients and eliminates traces of pathogenic bacteria. However, the moisture still remains intact, unlike dry kibble cat food.

Considering the nutrients of this cat food, it includes the highest portion of meat, organs, bone, and seafood to meet the high protein demand of underweight senior cats. The special ingredient of New Zealand mussels incorporates chondroitin and glucosamine in senior cats who have joint pain and skin sensitivity.

This cat food for weight gain is though high in calories, but it does not contain unnecessary carbohydrates and fillers. Food that contains excessive carbohydrates, potato and fillers are heavy on cat’s stomach and leads to puking and indigestion. So this cat food can be rated as the best cat food for sensitive stomach, obesity, food allergy, and other health concerns.

Regardless of the age, your cat will get peak nutrition rich in enzymes and probiotics derived from green tripe while organic kelp is effective in providing immunity, good heart, and cognitive health.

This high-calorie cat food for weight gain is not only formulated for senior cats but it has ingredients that are suitable for all breeds and life stages. Moreover, If you are the owner of Dog, and you also want to gain weight you can have the best food Guide here.

What we Like
  • Grain-free and carbs-free
  • Includes digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • Help increase immunity
  • Good for heart
  • Increase brain functions good cat food for joints and bones
  • Good for skin and fur
  • Good cat food for weight gain in indoor as well as outdoor cats
  • Lacks added hormones, antibiotics, or artificial growth inducers
  • Does not require refrigeration or thawing
What we Don’t Like
  • Not suggested for cats with kidney disease
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3. Hill’s Prescription Diet | Best Cat Food for Weight Gain in Cats after Illness | Best high-calorie wet cat food

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  • Item Weight      5.6 Ounces
  • Item Form         Liquid, Wet
  • Flavor                 Chicken
  • Crude Proteins             8.5%
  • Crude Fat                      5.2%
  • Taurine                     0.19%
  • Age Range Description    Adult

Usually, your senior cat drops her muscle mass and weight after an illness, injury, or surgery. It becomes a serious matter of concern when she becomes fussy and refuses to eat. Hill’s prescription emerges as the best canned wet food for such cats to fulfill their nutritional demands and putting on healthy muscle mass.

This cat food is integrated with a number of essential minerals and vitamins. The protein and fat portions are maintained optimum to help your cat in easy digestion and absorption. The wet cat food is also beneficial for adult cats who have teeth and chewing problems.  The incorporated fats will make your older cat active and playful.

While your cat is already recovered from illness, the antioxidants in Hill’s Prescription Diet will prevent her from contracting further infections. Essential vitamin B and Zinc will add health to her skin and natural body defenses.

This wet canned cat food is specially formulated by vets and nutritionists to speed up the recovery time of your older cat.

What we Like
  • Natural ingredients
  • Balanced proteins and fats
  • Good canned food for weight gain in senior cats
  • Easy to digest
  • Good for skin and fur
  • High in energy
  • Impairs strength in weak cats
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Smooth, soft, and moist cat food easy to chew
  • Stimulates cat for eating
  • Potassium for a healthy heart
  • Good flavor
  • Perfectly blended cat food for weight gain
What we Don’t Like
  • A little expensive
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4. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food | Best Cat Food Natural Ingredients | Cat food to help gain weight

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  • Item Weight      8.3 pounds
  • Item Form         Wet
  • Flavor                 Liver and Chicken
  • Crude Proteins             11.5%
  • Crude Fat                      5.5%
  • Maximum Moisture       78%
  • Age Range Description    Growth

How to use the best food to help cat gain weight? Either a protein portion or carbohydrates rich content? Let’s discuss.

Being a cat owner, you are pretty well aware of the importance of proteins, and balanced minerals. Hill’s Science diet wet cat food is specially formulated for the underweight cats of growing age.

Usually, kittens are very choosy and fussy when it comes to food. Avoiding food may dispose of your cat of weight loss and weak muscle mass. This peak nutrition wet cat food will ensure optimum calorie delivery plus essential vitamins and minerals to a fussy underweight cat. Hill’s Science wet cat food is tailored with the best natural ingredients that help your kitten develop healthy muscle mass and gain weight.

Senior cats and kittens are probably the easiest victims of infection and diseases, feeding this soft cat food with antioxidants, Vit C and E will develop their immunity. In the same way, the added minerals will help in stronger bones and healthy teeth. Your cat get will get rid of sensitive skin issues and fur shedding. So keeping in mind the scenario you can take this highest calorie kitten food as well.

What we Like
  • Natural ingredients cat food
  • Rich in protein
  • Easy to eat
  • Easy to digest
  • Maintains lean muscle mass
  • Boost immune system
  • Good for skin and hair
  • Recommended by the vets
  • Made in the USA
What we Don’t Like
  • A greater percentage of moisture
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5. Purina Pro Plan | Best Soft Dry Cat food for UnderWeight Senior Cats

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  • Item Weight      3.2 pounds
  • Item Form         Dry
  • Flavor                 Grain-free, Chicken
  • Crude Proteins             42%
  • Crude Fat                      18%
  • Maximum Moisture       12%
  • Age Range Description   All Life Stages

Purina is the top leading brand manufacturing cat food. Purina Pro Plan is tailored with natural ingredients for senior cats to gain weight and develop lean muscle mass.

Chicken being the vital ingredient provides high quality protein to your feline at any age. It also incorporates an egg recipe to meet the nutritional needs of the growing kitten and aging adult cat. This dry cat food for underweight senior cats and growing kittens incorporate DHA and omega 3 fatty acids to provide better cognition and vision. Omega 6 fatty acids along with vitamin A help nourishment of skin and fur, relief of your cat from skin allergies and hair fall. Moreover, minerals and phosphorus prevent joint pain and teeth problems in your senior cat.

What we Like
  • Made up of natural ingredients
  • Grain-free
  • Maintains healthy brain and vision
  • Good cat food for healthy skin and fur
  • Taurine for healthy eyesight of cat even in old age
  • High-quality protein
  • Develop immunity
  • Good kibble dry cat food
  • Helps in gaining weight in senior cats
What we Don’t Like
  • It is a bit costly
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6. Nature’S Logic Feline | Best high calorie wet cat food

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  • Item Weight      4 pounds
  • Item Form         feast
  • Flavor                 Duck, and Salmon
  • Crude Proteins             11%
  • Crude Fat                      9%
  • Maximum Moisture       72%
  • Age Range Description   Adult

What is the best-wet cat food for weight gain?

Tailored from natural ingredients, Nature’s Logic Feline Duck and Salmon feast is the apeak nutritional meal for senior cats to gain weight. The food claims real duck as its first ingredient and contains 90% of protein obtained from an animal source.

Senior cats are usually fighting sensitive stomach problems, and end in puking after a meal. This issue is perfectly resolved by Nature’s Logic Feline by providing 100% grain-free and gluten-free formula that is easy to digest and absorbed by the cats. This senior cat food is rich in natural ingredients and taurine to help stimulate healthy vision and brain functions.

The food is entirely manufactured without any carrageenan, artificial color, fillers, and carbohydrates that are not significant for your cat’s health.

What we Like
  • All-natural ingredients
  • High in proteins
  • Grain-free and gluten-free
  • Easy to digest
  • Good cat food for vision and brain
  • No added sugar
  • Good cat food for diabetic cats
  • Cat food suitable for all life stages and breeds
  • Pate is denser than other cat food
What we Don’t Like
  • Contains Brocolli
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7. Hill’s Science Diet | Best Senior Cat Food for Weight Gain

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  • Item Weight      7 pounds
  • Item Form         Dry
  • Flavor                 Chicken
  • Crude Proteins             28%
  • Crude Fat                      18%
  • Maximum Moisture       8%
  • Age Range Description   Senior

Hill’s Science Diet 11+ is the best cat food for your senior cat with a sensitive stomach as well as give malnutrition leading to excessive weight loss.

Hill’s Science Diet 11+ ensures maximum nutrients delivery to the cat in her progressing aging process. It is made up of natural ingredients that will keep your senior cat active and playful. The presence of taurine and essential vitamins incorporate good health to senior cat heart and vision while also gives relief from urinary problems. Moreover, the inclusion of natural fibers makes it easy to digest by senior cats having sensitive stomachs. The senior cat will no longer shed fur and hair from her itchy skin as this high calorie cat food has Omega 3 and 6 for healthy skin, and lustrous fur.

This dry cat food is processed in the USA and is highly recommended by the veterinarian for senior cats with digestive problems and who are underweight.

What we Like
  • Natural ingredients
  • Rich in protein
  • Taurine for healthy vision
  • Improves brain functions
  • Easy to digest
  • Soft chewable cat kibbles
  • Vet recommended cat food
  • Good cat food for a healthy immune system
  • Does not contain artificial colors, and preservatives
  • Minerals for healthy kidneys of cat
  • Made in the USA
What we Don’t Like
  • Does not contain Probiotics
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8. Merrick Purrfect Bistro | Best High-Calorie Senior Cat Food

No products found.

  • Item Weight      4.7 pounds
  • Item Form         Wet
  • Flavor                 Grammy’s Pot Pie
  • Crude Proteins             10%
  • Crude Fat                      5%
  • Maximum Moisture       81%
  • Age Range Description   Adult, Kitten, and Senior

This the best food for your senior cat if she is not a die-hard fan of pate food. These chunky kibbles consist of gravy that maintains your cat hydrated. The gravy is also easy to eat by old cats with teeth problems and is easy to digest by sensitive stomachs.

Featuring real deboned chicken as the first ingredient, this high calorie cat food is rich in protein that is beneficial in developing healthy muscles in the golden adult life of a cat. The Bistro cat food is 100 percent grain-free, with optimum fats and Omega 6 and Omega 3 to nourish your senior feline skin. The carbs level is kept minimum to maintain a lean body mass so that her joints are not overloaded with unnecessary weight.

What we Like
  • Easy to eat
  • Easy to digest
  • Natural ingredients
  • Good for cat skin and fur
  • Boost immunity
  • Grain-free
  • Free from unimportant carbs and fats
  • No artificial color, flavors, and preservatives
  • Cat food cooked in the USA
What we Don’t Like
  • The can is sometimes half-filled
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Summary of Calories/Weight Required by your Cat

5 Pounds Cat
10 Pounds Cat
15 Pounds Cat
20 Pounds Cat

Lean Adult Cat
Obese Senior Cat
Pregnant Cat

What to feed a Senior Cat to help them gain weight?

Go for the Type of Food of your Cat’s Preference

The main step is to discover a food that your feline appreciates eating however that doesn’t cause stomach upset. You need food that accommodates their dietary prerequisites but at the same time is exceptionally attractive so they will need to eat it.

It’s not strange for a senior cat to be attracted by a particular flavor, type (canned/dry), or even wet food.

Exploring your feline’s inclinations is the first, and generally significant, step of getting your feline to eat well.

Pick the Food that Meets the Nutritional Demands of Senior Cat

Cats are naturally carnivorous animals. They crave food that is rich in protein content and derived from an animal source.

The natural cat food with potent proteins is rodents and mice that have up to 45 percent of proteins in them. So your indoor cats require food with almost the natural protein supply source and minimal carbohydrates to prevent obesity.

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Feeding a senior cat to help gain weight requires a thoughtful approach to ensure they receive the necessary nutrients without compromising their health. Here’s a guide on what to consider:

What can I feed my senior cat to gain weight?

To help your senior cat gain weight, focus on nutrient-dense, easily digestible food. Opt for high-quality wet cat food with a balanced mix of proteins and healthy fats. Consider incorporating specially formulated senior cat foods that address the nutritional needs of aging cats, promoting weight gain and supporting joint health.

What is the best food to feed an elderly cat?

The best food for an elderly cat is one that addresses their changing nutritional requirements. Look for cat food labeled as “senior” or “mature,” containing controlled levels of phosphorus for kidney health and added joint-supporting ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin. Consult your veterinarian to determine the most suitable diet for your cat’s specific health condition and age-related concerns.

What makes a cat gain weight fast?

Rapid weight gain in cats should be approached cautiously to avoid health issues. Instead of focusing on fast weight gain, provide nutrient-dense meals with increased calorie content. Gradual changes to the diet, combined with regular veterinary check-ups, ensure weight gain occurs in a healthy and controlled manner.

What dry cat food will help my cat gain weight?

Choose a high-calorie dry cat food with a balanced nutritional profile suitable for senior cats. Look for formulations containing easily digestible proteins and healthy fats to support weight gain. However, it’s essential to prioritize wet cat food, as it helps with hydration, especially in older cats prone to kidney issues. Always consult with your vet to tailor the diet to your senior cat’s specific needs and monitor their weight gain progress.

My Final Thought

The food requirements of cats depend upon their age and weight. When the age of your cat increases, so are her health problems. Senior cats are very sensitive in the digestive system, so unhealthy food may cause puking and diarrhea. This leads to drastic weight loss and malnutrition.

We have reviewed the best available natural cat food for your senior underweight cat. All the products mentioned above are highly recommended by vets and nutritionists, the best of all is Hill’s Science Diet.

If you have a restrained budget but still looking for a peak diet for your old cat’s weight gain, then Purina Pro is the choice you should grab.

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